You've probably heard about how outdoor lighting can convert a piece of property into your own personal resort as well as adding security. Before you decide whether to install a lighting system, here are some important facts you need to consider:

FACT : Most outdoor lighting systems are built to last three to five years utilizing indoor lamps. At Advanced Services Landscaping all our materials are weather-resistant material, built to last indefinitely, with a LIFETIME WARRANTY .

FACT : Most outdoor lighting systems accent the sidewalks and driveways, giving the property the harsh appearance of an airport runway. At Advanced Services Landscaping we pride ourselves on our creative approach. With our hidden lights we accent the beauty of your landscape and home. This method of indirect lighting provides your home with beauty and safety in one single step!

By specializing in outdoor lighting we've gained an advantage. Customers can sense that we know a few secrets. Actually, they're not secrets at all. Here are "the tricks of the trade" that sell our work and satisfy customers:


· We approach every property as a canvas to be painted in light. Just as painters do, we   establish focal points, usingprominent features of the landscaping and the home itself.   We define the perimeter of the property and then place the lights strategically to obtain   the most aesthetic value. The reflective light naturally illuminates your steps and   sidewalk, thus affording you ample safety without compromising the aesthetics.

· Buyers should try not to be mislead by the apparent good looks of fixtures being sold on   the market. It's not the fixture that creates the effect, but the bulb. All our fixtures are   hidden, invisible. That's one feature that separates Advanced Services Landscaping from   the less experienced companies.

· Every homeowner has different tastes. We pride ourselves in knowing how to work with   the individual's property to bring out the best.

  Ask yourself why you've invested in a beautiful piece of property that can only be appreciated and used during daylight hours. Outdoor lighting is the single most important investment you can make to get the most enjoyment out of your home. If you'd like to discuss the cost of upgrading the appearance and enjoyment of your home, contact us and we'll come out and give a FREE, NO OBLIGATION lighting demonstration.

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